Two images of wine magazines from the Italian Front during WW1

Wine survives wars!

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During World War I, the Italian Front saw a series of battles between Italy and Austria-Hungary. There was a series of battles fought along the Isonzo River between 1915 and the end of the war in 1918. The two images featured in this post were taken along this front in what is now Slovenia. The first image shows a wine magazine in Britof in what appears to be a rugged location. There is a central large tent flanked by 13 men and a large cache of wine in barrels. The wine is stored in both large casks and smaller barrels. Amongst the casks are what appears to be a box with two poles used to carry the smaller barrels. There is also a small barrel on a dolly or cart. In the back left are donkies or mules that might have carried the smaller barrels of wine.

Wine magazine at Britof. 1915 [1] Wine magazine at…

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